Saturday, 18 September 2010

The New Ogrons

Remember Dr Who in the 70s? Fabulous. In every sense of the word. But with CGI yet to be invented, the Daleks were left with a few awkward navigation problems. The Beeb put its heads together and came up with low budget mobile servants for the king of baddies, sort of walking missing links able to grunt and commit senseless murder - The Ogrons.

Given their mobility, their effortless ascent of stairs and ladders, these football hooligans from outer space claimed more than their fair share of screen time, strangely enhancing the menace of their metal masters waiting for episode 2 to reveal themselves. The Ogrons stumbled and threatened their way round the earthlings, gaining a bad reputation without reward or motivation.

The surprising thing about the Ogrons, well, one of the most surprising things about the Ogrons, is that the web has enabled worthy followers to create a whole back story to their existence. These cheap Dalek thugs had a 'life', a civilisation before becoming guns for hire. They lived and presumably loved, evolved and colonised, made friends and fought enemies until, powerful, yet still unable to communicate properly, they came to be known by the bad things of deep space as a reliable sidekick. Ask no questions, pay no mind to ambition, accept no worthy fee, the Ogron spirit is yours to subjugate.

Which brings me on to my party, the much pilloried, worthy, do-goody Liberal Democrats. A party with its own existence long before the Boy Cameron saw a silver spoon. Like the Ogrons they beavered away on the outer fringes and like the Ogrons they suddenly became the acceptable face of darker forces, willingly carrying the can for the evil things done in someone elses name.

So I'm doing what any sane Liberal Democrat Dr Who fan would do. I'm starting a blog. I want to learn about blogs, I want to remember the early days of Dr Who when baddies didn't have such weird ambitions of conquering time and space (just a little planet in the Milky Way is all we want guvnor)  but most of all I want to find out why the Liberal Democrats are so hell bent on giving so much, for so little, for the benefit of so few. Was I really a Labour man all along, blinded by my dislike of all things Blair or is there hope for me and the Lib Dems to bury the hatchet and crack open the ginger beer sometime next parliament?

I want to take in political and economic thought, current events, Liberal Democrat movers and shakers and I want to decide, by April 2011, whether to send that £30 to renew my membership. For the most part I'm going to be doing that by myself, blogging into the ether. But if anyone out there has any ideas, I'm open to persuasion. I think.

Ooh look, its the Liberal Democrats conference, This should be fun........

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