Thursday, 23 September 2010

Comment and Debate

I notice Joanthan Freedland in the Guardian has taken up my theme, taken it up even before I announced it. In the Wednesday edition he wrote "Mocking the Lib Dems will bring easy laughs - and suits Cameron. The Tories are the real enemy, cuts the real battleground" (are you allowed to quote people in Blogs? Don't sue Jonathan, you take my idea, I'm relaxed about it). He says more of the same here

He comes up at it from a different angle but basically argues that the Ogrons are the fall guys, drawing the Labour fire while the Tories get on with quietly changing the country to suit their backers and/or themselves. I'm personally struck by how little David CAmeron is in the news, how totally free from the brickbats he remains. What does he do all day? Rub his hands with glee I suppose. Or perhaps he's just busy with the young 'un.

Finally - Digby Jones. Simply vile. His patronising comments on Vince Cable's speech (basically suggesting Uncle Vince needs to decide whether he wants to be a Liberal MP or a Government minister) catapult him to the top of my List of Disdain, the fluffier cousin of the Hate List. I'm aware this is a rant rather than a paragraph, and he probably speaks very highly of me, but how has this self publicist gained a veneer of respectability?

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