Monday, 18 April 2011

The End of the Affair

So my membership renewal has dropped through the letter box and the days of actively supporting a political party are drawing to a close. Or are they?

Well, probably, yes. Nothing that has happened since I started this blog has convinced me that I'm wrong and the Coalition is right. We're stilled poised on the edge of economic disaster with an opposition unable to admit culpability and a Government unable to come up with anything but more of the same. The wafer thin list of positives bandied about by senior Lib Dems are a poor price to pay for the inevitable catastrophic loss of support that will become evident after the local elections. Of course, we could have predicted this. We have the lessons of history. Dr Who has returned in triumph, the Daleks have made every series but the the Ogrons have yet to be noticed, unwanted in a new age where Daleks can levitate and mix their own cocktails. The Lib Dems, and the Ogrons, are going to be missing for a long time.

For those of us on the left of the party, a membership reminder comes signed by Simon Hughes, Nick Clegg doesn't get a mention. The injustice of Nick Clegg's fall from grace is etched upon the brow of all serving Liberals but unless they acknowledge the depth of betrayal felt by long serving members the party faces a bleak future. We know we're supposed to like Mr Hughes with his impeccable back catalogue of left leaning speeches but now he's part of the gang that we don't want to join.

On public services, Liberals are pretending to discuss while services are dismantled and left unworkable. There is already no turning back, it is pointless pretending to be a brake. On the economy, the Liberals have done nothing except fail to stop Vince Cable's leaks. The about turn on tuition fees lost them a generation of supporters, the defence of pensioners and the lowest waged simply a sop to a system that ensures a widening of the standard of living gap.

I'm limply delivering a few AV referendum votes locally, as a favour to the local party as confused by the sudden turn of events as I am. Should anyone stop me on the doorstep, I'll hope to be persuaded by their argument because I hold no view. Voting reform has gone to the polls at a time when its supporters can't bring themselves to support Nick Clegg. There's another campaign lost before it starts.

We believe in a fairer Britan. Simon Hughes underlines that in his letter. Perhaps the Ogrons did too? I can see them presenting their ideas to the Dalek leader, written on a bit of cardboard in barely legible scrawl. Cue flash, an Ogron in negative and the end of the alliance. David Cameron can barely keep his attack dogs in their kennels as it is, as soon as he feels emboldened he must surely try to end the Coalition. Those Lib Dems smart enough and professional enough would do well to switch to the blue rosette. The rest of them, if they have any conscience at all, will join me in trying to figure out where we go now.

After years of paying the man, I'm back in the apolitical world. I imagine it's a bit like being released from prison. Carrying my campaign rosettes and badges in a box, I'm striding out into a brave new future. And heading straight for a pub.

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